Sunday, April 21, 2013

Moved to Omaha, Nebraska! Family Update!

I haven't blogged in a couple of months. I have been pretty busy. We have moved from Oklahoma City to Omaha, Nebraska in the later part of February. We were deciding between Omaha and Denver, Colorado, but we have decided that Omaha was the place to go. So far everything is doing good. Husband likes his new job - actually within the same company, just a different state. Plus it is triple the pay and has less work hours. He is a plumber by trade. So, it's a no brainer. We like Omaha, it's a nice city. Not a lot of traffic, got a lot to do, lots of places to eat and shop. Don't regret it. Thinking of settling here for good, and buying a home by the end of the year. The huge plus is the 3% unemployment rate. Pretty awesome, if you ask me. It's April and still snows some. That's how it is around here, but not complaining. I prefer the cold to heat actually.

Our family at the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City on the way up to Omaha

Kids are doing great too. Boy, they are getting big. Thriving and just wonderful kids. Peanut and Pecan have been into video games lately, their daddy bought them new ones recently. And Acorn is starting to talk in sentences and is real smart. Getting to be a little lady! She seems to want to do everything her two older sisters do, so sometimes she gets frustrated, but it comes with the territory. She just turned 2! They can be a handful at times, but that's just normal for kids their age. Overall, they are sweet little girls, could not ask for anything more. We love them to bits.

Now for Baby Cashew. He sure is getting bigger in there. I have a  harder time moving around. Lots of bathroom trips. LOL! Backache, Braxton-Hicks, the works. And yes, i still have constant nausea and throw up a lot still. Not surprising to me anymore, this is the third pregnancy it has happened. I am almost 28 weeks along now. So I have about 11 weeks more to go before my C-Section. Yes I have asked if it is possible for me to VBAC but unfortunately, I am not a good candidate. The combination of my history of previous shoulder dystocia and consistent macrosomic babies (aka babies weighing more than 9 pounds! and all of mine have.) prevents me from being a good candidate. He is moving a lot, especially at night. I could see my belly moving sometimes.

Cashew at 23 weeks. Look at that little face! Looks like Daddy.
27.5 weeks

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