Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Final Weeks

I am 36 weeks pregnant now. Cashew is going to be here pretty soon! C-Section has been scheduled on July 9th, at 39 weeks. You know what? I feel like it all flew by so fast. Way too fast. So sorry I haven't updated in a little while, we moved homes and were busy unpacking. We love it here. It's the second story of a lovely house built in 1906. It's a multi dwelling home and we have just the right room for our family. I've been nesting and getting everything done lol. Got Cashew's things in the dresser, got his blankets and swaddlers, his rocker, my cousin sent me an awesome baby bathtub. All we need is a carseat and we are getting that within the next week. I need to pack a hospital bag. My husband is taking a couple weeks off to be with me at home and be Mr. Homemaker. I cannot believe the time is here, he is going to be here!

 3D pic of Cashew at 32 weeks!
Myself at 36 weeks!

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