Sunday, February 5, 2012

Co-Authoring a Super Food Blog!!!

I'm happy to announce that I am co-authoring a new mega food blog with 3 other awesome, beautiful ladies! We all have different food styles and, holla! We are sexy! Of course, I would still put up my great recipes on here, but I will also have recipes on our other blog that won't be on here. I won't be putting up my baked goods recipes there very much because one of my gals there has got the baking biz covered (and her stuff is GOOD!). I will continue posting my baking recipes on here though, so no worries!

Come and visit us, at  My section is called "Bite Lick Taste"! But look at all of my girls' sections because they are all great! GO GO GO, people!

And for fun, look at these pics LOL!

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