Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Ok, what is new with our family?

We actually joined a church! Took the plunge and actually joined the Unitarian Universalist Church. Why, you say? We just think it is the right place for us because of the non-judgment, the openness and come-as-you-are factor. Very LGBT (Lesbian-Gay-Bi-Transgender) friendly, very encouraging of new ideas and there is no pressure to "conform". I am certainly not one who likes to conform. And I am an atheist. Yes, I am welcome in their church and they have no plans to change my perspective. Only encouraging me to find my own path to enlightenment. Which to me is way awesome. My husband is agnostic (atheist sometimes, depending on his mood LOL!) and loves it. We joined also for a sense of community, which we direly lack. I wish we joined long ago! Le sigh.

Our local Unitarian Universalist congregation.

And this brings me to the second part of what's new with us. We just joined this wonderful church, and now...we have to move! Yes, we are. Originally we were going to move to Fort Worth, TX, but we have had a change of heart and are going to move to Oklahoma City, OK next month. It's only about 3 hours from Fort Worth, so I can still see my friends there. But yeah, that's where we are headed. We are excited! Finally happening! We didn't know we were going to move till very recently too. We are going to definitely join the local Unitarian Universalist Church in Oklahoma City, I have heard it's quite a large congregation. So, a lot of exciting things to look forward to for our family.

I am also planning to become a certified Yoga instructor. Oh, yes I am! I love yoga, and I would love to help others achieve health and peace with it, like I have. But that will come next year. And I can't wait! Definitely on my agenda.

Meanwhile, here are our most recent pics!

Peanut, Pecan and I on a mini train ride
Baby Acorn
Myself enjoying the sun
Acorn with her Dad S.

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