Saturday, July 7, 2012

Finally Got To Oklahoma

Yes folks, we are here, we made it down in one piece. It took us about 4 days to drive down here - no easy feat with 3 kids under 5! LOL! We got to see a lot of nice scenery though. Our first day we set out and drove from Washington to Billings, Montana, and we spent the night there.

Montana Scenery

Billings, MT street scene

On Day 2, we set out to go to Denver, Colorado. We cut through Wyoming to get there. I must say, even though Wyoming doesn't have a lot of towns or people, I like it there. I like the scenery and people seemed friendly. 

Wyoming Scenery

Beautiful Wyoming Skies

When we got to Denver, I had the good fortune to meet one of my friends from Facebook, Donna. She is such a warm and wonderful person! Her little girl is so cute! She has a lovely little family. I am so happy to have met you Donna! 

Donna and I with our babies

We originally planned to drive straight to Oklahoma City from there,  but it suddenly seemed so overwhelming (13 hours!) so we decided to split it up over 2 days. We spent the night in Salina, Kansas.

Our Family at a Salina, KS Ihop

And we made it to Oklahoma City on the 4th day. Awesome! We are doing pretty good, settled in fairly well. It is HOT down here, but I can see the sun, and that is all good to me. Kids are doing well, and my husband S. is doing great at his new job. Jobs are plentiful here, it's awesome! All in all, we like it down here, and are grateful we got to move. Yep! So that's my update on our family for now! Cheerio!

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