Monday, September 19, 2011


I don't know anyone who doesn't like food. Well, we need food to live. Might as well make eat the good stuff, right?

We (or more accurately, I) have been on a health kick for some time now, so everything I make at home (well, almost everything) is low on calories and fat. I have been on Weight Watchers Points Plus since I was 6 weeks post partum in late May of this year and BOY I will tell you, it changed a lot of things around here. The weight just dropped off and still going. My husband, who despises diets, dropped 25 pounds without even trying just eating what I make, and let me tell you he never noticed the flavor has changed. Some of the stuff I bake, like cakes, I did not tweak. They are still high points unless I mention something. But yeah. Doesn't mean I can't eat them. Living healthy does not equal deprivation. 

I have been cooking since I was 6 years old. Back then, I loved watching cooking shows and it just seemed like magic to me. The first thing I ever made were meatballs, I remember that. Must have been pretty tasteless meatballs, but it was a start. I used to bake a lot then too. My little friends would come to our house and I'd bake cakes for them. Unfortunately, I had to learn totally on my own as I had no role models, no one in my family really cooked. I had no one to show me anything. But I am going to change that for my kids, they will be free to come join me and learn if they so desire. 

Makes for some good memories, I tell you that.

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